The Cannability Foundation

The CannAbility Foundation was founded to give parents the support, resources, and education they need when navigating through medical and recreational laws in Colorado. 

Stacey Linn was the founder of CannAbility, who experienced these difficulties with her son, Jack Splitt. He lived with cerebral palsy and dystonia and found relief from symptoms with cannabis-based treatments.  

Cannabis treatments can help control some symptoms associated with dystonia like pain caused by tension headaches; spasms affecting your muscles causing stiffness/paralysis, optic neuritis (an inflammation disorder leading to vision loss), epilepsy, and MS.

Jack’s Amendment

When Jack’s Amendment was passed, allowing kids to take their medication with them on school grounds, Stacey felt like this would make it easier for her son and other families in similar situations across America.

The amendment provides safe access to cannabis on school property, allowing kids using medical marijuana treatments like CBD oil and inhalers the opportunity of attending class while taking their medication with them.

Following the passing of the amendment, The CannAbility Foundation was formed as a portal that parents can go for like-minded support. The bill was known as House Bill 16-1373, and is summarized as follows:

“Under current law, a student with a medical marijuana recommendation is not permitted to use medical marijuana on school grounds, on a school bus, or at a school activity unless the district has adopted a policy permitting the use. The bill allows a student to use medical marijuana on school grounds, on a school bus, or at a school activity and requires each school district to adopt a policy allowing medical marijuana use. If the department of education or a public school loses any federal funding as a result of adopting the policy, the general assembly shall appropriate state money sufficient to offset the loss of federal money.”

Mom Campaign in partnership with MJ Freeway

Jack and others like him played a role in the passing of important medical marijuana laws. However, parents and children are still prohibited from using cannabis in specific scenarios. For example:

  • Medical cannabis is not permitted in public schools in 26 states, which means that children may not medicate during the day, forcing parents to make difficult decisions.
  • “Exposure” to cannabis can be used as a justification for the arrest of parents (even medical patient parents) and the removal of children from the house in most adult-use and medical-legal states. Kids can be considered as ‘exposed’ to marijuana, just by it being present in the home.

The partnership between MTH and MJ Freeway aimed to educate the public about the constraints that prevent sick kids and parents from obtaining full, safe access to cannabis. CannAbility was used as a platform for this effort.

CannAbility and MJ Freeway believed that parents and children should not be expected or required to shoulder more of the burden or face additional penalties than others.

Stacey Linn and CannAbility made great success in achieving reform. MJ Freeway helped to lobby the cannabis industry to pitch in to assist them in accomplishing more.

CannAbility Foundation Support Group

The CannAbility Foundation Support Group was a Facebook group, run by founder, Stacey Linn. It was last updated in June 2020 and has 151 members. 

The group was used as an extension of the website, and also hosted several events including film viewings and Facebook live streams.