The Flavors of Mary Jane: Marijuana-Infused Vodka

Ever heard of marijuana-infused vodka? It’s the latest trend in cannabis consumption that is taking off across the country. Cannabis-infused vodkas are made from unique, CO2-extracted cannabis oil and distilled to perfection with pure grain alcohol. The high from weed-infused vodka can vary due to the amount of THC in the vodka, but it usually has a higher concentration than the average flower does.

Typically, cannabis-infused vodka packs a punch, as it can be up to 50% THC content! From strawberry mint flavor to watermelon sorbet, these delicious drinks will have you feeling euphoric and uplifted without all the calories or hangovers.

Alcohol also acts as an appetite suppressant and provides some medicinal benefits. Furthermore, for many people, this new way of using cannabis doesn’t cause a hangover or make you feel sluggish like smoking or vaping would. These vodkas are simply delicious and have little to no cannabis flavor.

How to make cannabis-infused vodka?

It is fairly simple recipe to do. You’ll need vodka, some cannabis, and a bottle or some mason jars with lids that are tight-fitting.

Step One: Chop the cannabis finely- this will allow for less plant material in your final product.Then wrap ut in a cheesecloth.

Step Two: Fill your jar or bottle about halfway with the cheesecloth-wrapped chopped cannabis.

Step Three: Using a funnel, pour in the vodka you would like to use- most recipes call for between 8 and 16 ounces of vodka per bottle. It’s important to make sure you use pure grain alcohol (the kind they make liquor out of). Normal vodka does not work because it is cut with water, sugar or other ingredients.

Step Four: Place the lid on top of your jar or bottle and shake it thoroughly.

Step Five: Store your jar or bottle in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks.

After the vodka has steeped and absorbed all of the THC from the cannabis it is ready to use! The longer you let it sit, the more potent it will become. Just like making regular infused oil or butter, this recipe requires patience because it is it a long process and the THC takes time to properly extract.

You can also add some mint, berries or other flavors before you begin this procedure and create your own unique drinks for friends and family. Cannabis-infused vodka has been around as an underground product for years, but now that more states are legalizing marijuana consumption you’ll soon be able to make this recipe without looking over your shoulder.

Health Considerations vs. Smoking Weed or vs. Drinking Liquor

As compared to smoking cannabis, cannabis vodka is a much healthier choice. This assumes that by combing the two, you are not doing too much of either one individually. It also assumes you’re on board with the idea that cannabis is actually less dangerous than drink liquor on it’s own or vs. smoking.

And, marijuana is an herb, so it’s natural, right? When you take that herb and infuse it with vodka, the plant-based properties of cannabis are still intact. They just become more bioavailable to the body because alcohol is a solvent for THC. This means that when ingested into your liver via drinking or eating weed (as opposed to smoking), your body will absorb the full benefits of the plant.

A study published in 2020 showed that moderate alcohol consumption raises the risk of cancer. In additon heavy drinkers are at 40 percent increased risk for developing cancers such as the mouth and esophageal cancer. On top of this, smoking cannabis has been shown to have similar benefits against tumors, and does not contain the carcinogens that are in alcohol.

Tasty Flavors

One great aspect about cannabis vodka is its diverse flavors for consumers to chose from. These products come flavored with everything from classic citrus, such as lemon or orange, to exotic fruits like watermelon sorbet. The company Mary Jane ‘s has created a whole line of flavored products, such as an all-natural jalepeno and lime vodka.

Many companies that create these infused vodkas use CO² extraction to ensure purity in flavor profiles. This process, also known as supercritical fluid extraction or simply “cold pressing,” yields the finest oils from cannabis flowers by using carbon dioxide under high pressures and temperatures. CO² has the unique property of being able to extract both lipids (oils) and resin without damaging or altering the chemical structure of its components, leaving you with a clean tasting, pure product.

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The Side Effects

There are many different side effects that may occur with cannabis vodkas. One of these is that you might find yourself more hungry than usual. This effect is called the munchies! It’s due to the THC being released in your liver, which signals your body to release ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger. The problem with this symptom is that if you consume high-calorie food, you might put on weight more quickly. If you’re not new to weed, this is to be expected.

Another side effect of eating weed is the “trip” or “high” that some people receive from it. Different strains of marijuana affect people differently; for example, Sativa strains will cause a more mental or cognitive high whereas Indica strains will produce a higher physical high. It’s important to be aware of your strain, as it will determine how you feel after smoking or ingesting cannabis.

Before consuming marijuana-infused vodka, it is important to note that you will not be able to operate heavy machinery. The same goes for alcohol when ingested by itself! Again, obvious, but be smart.

The Cannabis-Infused Vodka Market

The market for cannabis-infused vodkas has been steadily growing since their introduction, and it’s easy to see why. These products are an easy way for marijuana lovers to enjoy both their passion of THC and alcohol in one delicious, healthy package.

Mary Jane’s isn’t the only company that has jumped onto this trend either; many other companies have created spirits infused with cannabis, whether it be vodka or rum. However, Mary Jane ‘s is taking a different approach by offering their products to dispensaries first, before releasing them to the public. This strategy has allowed for better product development in terms of flavor profiles and potency, as they are able to work directly with dispensary partners who provide real-time feedback on their vodka flavors.


The benefits of cannabis are considerable. The plant has been shown to help reduce pain, act as an anti-inflammatory, and even improve sleep quality among other things. One lesser-known benefit is that it can be used in place of alcohol because cannabis vodka provides many health benefits without any negative side effects like increased cancer risk or hangovers.

Cannabis-infused vodkas come with a variety of flavors for consumers to choose from, from your basic citrus fruits (lemon or orange) to exotic fruits (watermelon sorbet). These products are made through CO2 extraction which leaves out chemicals while preserving both flavor profiles and potency. Cannabis-infused vodka may cause some unwanted side effects such as hunger due to THC being released in the liver. However, this should not be a problem if you are already familiar with weed and its effects on your body.