Can you get fired for using hemp oil?

If you’re taking CBD hemp oil and/or thinking about CBD hemp oil, can you actually get fired for taking it?

The reason why you could possibly get fired from work is if your workplace does drug testing and you’re taking hemp oil that has some THC in it.  There are six reasons as to why you could fail a drug test while taking CBD hemp oil. What about other kinds of vaping oils, could they too set off an alarm when you take a test. Almost certainly, no. CBD oil does of have very small amounts of THC in it, so you better of not going on a CBD oil smoking craze before a test. Likewise, regular vape oil is not sold with illegal compounds unless strictly marked as such.

If you have a job as a truck driver for example, or a school bus driver or even as a pilot, chances are your boss or company is going to be very sensitive as to whether you are taking something with THC in it. This is because it could possibly impair your judgment in some capacity, and you could be a danger to others in the workforce.

The solution is actually pretty simple if you’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, depression or even anxiety disorders. If you’ve talked to your doctor, and your medication’s not working for you anymore, get a note from your doctor saying that he’s recommending CBD hemp oil for whatever ailment you have. Then go to your HR department, and inform them that either you’re going to be taking CBD hemp oil, or that you’re already taking it. However, the CBD does have trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component in the hemp plant.

The legal limit in all 50 states is .3% or less. When you’re shopping for CBD hemp oil, you want to make sure that it’s made in the USA and that it has less than .3% THC. The product that I sell, for example, is .08% THC.

There are six reasons you could fail a drug test just for using CBD hemp oil. If you store your hemp oil in a hot car in the summertime, for instance, the THC levels will start to rise in the container, and that translates into more THC in your body. Maybe you’re taking super high milligram doses of hemp oil, and the THC levels start to go up as well.

The key thing is being proactive with your health and with your HR department at work, letting them know ahead of time that what you’re doing or intend to do. They actually look at cases on a case-by-case basis. Again, there are some careers that have a zero tolerance for THC. Many employers don’t want you taking anything that could possibly impair your judgment, and that’s understandable.

Some people aren’t very well educated on the topics of hemp, CBD and THC. You may run into people in HR who are simply against THC altogether. For this reason, it’s important that you talk to them first. Just be proactive and get the conversation started. With proper dialog as well as professional input from your doctor, they’ll likely understand that CBD is a LOT more benign of a therapy than using opioids such as Oxycontin and fentanyl. You’d be surprised how far a little proactivity can go in the workplace.

Full spectrum CBD hemp extract with zero THC:  This is a wonderful alternative for people who are concerned about possibly failing a drug test because they’re on CBD hemp oil. Just remember that most people don’t have issues passing a drug test when they’re taking CBD hemp oil.

About a year ago when I started selling it, a friend of mine actually drug tested herself, and her drug test came back negative. After sending it to the lab just to be sure, her drug test came back negative again. She did this test with a CBD hemp oil that had trace amounts of THC. Still, there are instances where people could fail their drug test, and it certainly can be a concern. You don’t want to lose your job over taking CBD, and that’s very understandable.

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