Review of dotSquonk 100W from dotMod

dotMod has released its first electronic bottom-feeding box mod; a device that’s both innovative and complies with the standards we’ve come to expect from dotMod. The dotSquonk 100W is an incredible mod to use for vaping.

If It Looks, Feels & Vapes Like a dotMod…

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We don’t need to look twice to see that the dotSquonk is obviously a dotMod device. The brand has forged a visual identity of its own that the community has come to love, and this box delivers all the distinctive dotMod features.

Let’s start with form factor: the dotSquonk is a rectangular mod with rounded corners that provide a refined and stylish aesthetic. It’s made of anodized aluminum, giving it just the right balance between light weight and rigidity. The dotSquonk is available in black, gold, blue and red as pictured above.

Technical Review

  • Type of material BF electronic mod
  • Dimensions 82mm x 49mm x 28mm
  • Battery Compatibility 21700/20700/18650mAh
  • Power 100w
  • Temperature control Yes (Ni, Ti, SS)
  • Materials Anodized aluminium
  • Bottle 8ml
  • Weight 127g
  • Available colors Black, gold, blue and red

Included in the box:
dotSquonk 100W (x1), bottle (x2), USB cord (x1), adapter 18650 (x1), user manual (x1)

The dotSquonk’s 510 connection is mounted on a longer than average spring, which allows it to adapt to almost all drippers. It accepts virtually all 25mm and lower models without drippage, and even 100% vegetable glycerin e-liquids are able to pass through the channel without issue, thanks to the wideness of the channel.

The fire button has also been treated to avoid smudging, wearing or tearing that could ruin its stylish etching. It’s large enough to be easy to find, and falls intuitively under the index or thumb depending on how you like to hold your vape. There is a pleasant click with every push, but not loud enough to ruin the device’s overall presentation.

Chassis & Control Panel Design

The trigger button is also only visible on the outside of the box. Two adjustment knobs are hidden under the removable panel on the side of the screen. This panel is held by three magnets and by the frame of the chassis.

The battery is housed on the inside of the device towards the left. The dotSquonk accepts 21700, 20700 and 18650mAh batteries for use with the supplied adapter. Insertion is as easy as extraction: simply push the battery in or out of place until you hear the click of the safety catch.

Concealing the buttons enhances the refined design of the device. The hidden buttons only impact user convenience if you happen to be the type of vaper who changes settings every two minutes. For most users, this tradeoff is more than worth it; it adds in the advantage of avoiding inadvertent adjustments while the device moves around in your pocket. And in our opinion, this largely offsets the fractions of seconds that can be lost during repeated adjustments.

Squonk Panel & Bottle Design

The panel on the other side gives access to the squonk bottle. The opening for the squonk panel is quite wide to ensure easy insertion of your bottle. The squonk bottle provided with the dotSquonk is silicone, with a capacity of 8ml of e-liquid, and still has ample wiggle room inside the panel.

The rectangular shape of the bottle significantly improves the overall aesthetic of the box mod, since it fits harmoniously into the exterior design as you notice it through the side window (pictured above).

The bottle cap itself is metal, with a small lug that fits directly into the frame of the box. Handling is both simple and convenient, while also minimizing the risk of leakage. Truly an efficient and reliable bottom feeding system.

Electronics & Chipset Functionality

The screen of the dotSquonk 100W is a good illustration of the aesthetic sensibility of the dotMod brand, allowing you to change the screen color to match that of the exterior chassis. The screen also provides a comprehensive array of device stats and specs in real-time.

Menus are accessed by three quick clicks on the fire button, which grants access to the device’s different vaping modes. There is a bypass mode without regulations for advance vapers, a management mode for setting custom power curves and a temperature control (TCR) mode with support for nickel, titanium and stainless steel builds.

On our test bench, we saw a constant signal despite a somewhat wide amplitude. The chipset even sends a slight excess of power within the first 40 milliseconds, to ensure you get fast ramping and a good puff directly from the get go. In high power modes, the box actually does deliver the 100w promised on the box while maintaining a steady and constant signal without fluctuations. In short, you can rest assured the dotSquonk will give you a consistent and quality experience every time, whether you’re vaping standard e-liquids or CBD/THC e-liquids.

The dotSquonk’s TCR mode leaves something to be desired, particularly with the use of stainless steel builds. I experience power irregularities with six different settings and checked on three other dotSquonks to be absolutely certain that it wasn’t an individual device issue. The error also persisted with or without the use of cotton and liquid.

Overall Rating

The dotSquonk is absolutely perfect if you plan to vape exclusively in power control modes, and totally unusable if you prefer TCR vaping. It would be easy to chalk up a massive reduction in the dotSquonk’s overall rating over this issue, but it would also be unfair. The device’s design, aesthetics, durability and performance in every other mode would make it an easy 10/10 in our book were it not for its failings in the TCR department.

Considering that TCR vapers don’t often opt for bottom-fed vape mods, we think it’s ultimately fair to give the dotSquonk 100w from dotMod a solid 7.5/10.

In Summary

We love:
The design
The finish
The ergonomics
The choice between 21700, 20700 or 18650 batteries
The squonk bottle capacity
The performance in power control mode(s)

We don’t love:
Non-functional temperature control mode (stainless steel)

Author: indoexpo

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